Economics 337901: Financial Economics
Department of Economics, Boston College, Spring 2020

Tuesday and Thursday, 10:30 - 11:45 am
O'Neill Library, Room 247

Professor Peter Ireland
Maloney Hall, Room 338

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  1. Introduction

    1. Mathematical and Economic Foundations
    2. Overview of Asset Pricing Theory

  2. Decision-Making Under Uncertainty

    1. Making Choices in Risky Situations
    2. Measuring Risk and Risk Aversion

  3. The Demand for Financial Assets

    1. Risk Aversion and Investment Decisions
    2. Modern Portfolio Theory

  4. Classic Asset Pricing Models

    1. The Capital Asset Pricing Model
    2. Arbitrage Pricing Theory

  5. Arrow-Debreu Pricing Models

    1. Arrow-Debreu Pricing: Equilibrium
    2. Arrow-Debreu Pricing: No-Arbitrage

  6. Extensions

    1. Martingale Pricing
    2. The Consumption Capital Asset Pricing Model

These notes are unrevised from December 2019; see the presentation slides for edits.


Previous Exams (pdf):


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